Words out of...

1. Write up a selection of about ten disconnected letters scattered on the board, and ask students to use them to make words. Each letter can be used only once in each word. Make sure there are two or three vowels among them!
2. Give students six or seven letters, but allow students to use letters more than once in single word.
3. At the beginning, invite students to suggest the letters. Just make sure that these include vowels.
4. Give the students two or three minutes to think of words. Then they come together in groups or the full class, sharing their lists. Any words that more than one student has thought of are crossed out. Who has the longest list of 'unique' word?

My neighbour's cat

1. Draw a cat on the board. Introduce it as your neighbour's cat. Say, "My neighbour's cat is an awful cat!" Write the word 'awful' on the board. Wright all the letters of the alphabet under the a of awful. Say, "What can you say about your neighbour's cat?"
2. Tell the students that they can offer ideas in any order they like. As the ideas are suggested, write in the adjectives next to the appropriate letters.