How often do we do it?

1. Put these lists upon the board: buy - a magazine, a book, a lipstick, a pair of shoes, hi-fi equipment; borrow – money, pens, ideas, clothes; see – grandparents, boxing on TV, closest friend, a film in a cinema, boy/girl friend, a film on video, textbooks
2. Start asking the class questions like: How often do you go swimming? How often do you go to church? How often do you remember your dreams? Encourage precise answers like: Twice a week / Once a fortnight / Every couple of months rather than just 'often' or 'not often'.
3. Pair the students. Tell the students to find out how often their partner buys/borrows/sees the things in the lists on the board. Go round and supply extra frequency words or phrases that are needed. Tell the students to take note of their partners answers.
4. Call the students back together and ask them to guess how often a certain person does a certain thing. You simply say the name of the student and point to an item on the board. The group has to guess how frequency the person named does the thing pointed at. The person's partner then confirms or denies and corrects it.